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What Makes Noble Energy Maps® Unparalleled

Human Design as we have known it until now, is incomplete.

When I tested The Human Design Body Map scientifically on 45,000 cases, I found that the interpretations of the different energy pathways described in the Human Design System did not hold up to scientific scrutiny.

As a psychologist trained in developmental psychology, it was clear to me that the energy maps needed to encompass critical development times in a baby to be accurate. Based on my twin kittens’ birth times and medical history, I determined the precise development times in the four worlds: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

I have looked at more than 15,000 Noble Energy Maps® over the past 20 years, and each time, the accuracy of the process still touches me deeply.

Now is the time to share truth, simplicity, and love that empowers you. Noble Energy Maps® shows you that you were born to manifest your highest potential. 95% of the population can manifest their highest potential. I am here to help you learn how.