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My journey into synthesizing scientific and spiritual information began early in life. From my earliest childhood, I could see auras, and because of this, I was an avid student of esoteric traditions, practicing yoga spontaneously for as long as I can remember.

However, I was also drawn to the world of science and after receiving my undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College, I went on to get my PhD from the University of Chicago in the Department of Comparative Human Development. This was one of the first interdisciplinary social sciences departments in the United States, and afforded me the opportunity to study with some of the foremost psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and biologists in the academic world. I had the privilege of studying with people like Lawrence Kohlberg, Robert Levine, William Henry, David Wylie, Bruno Bettelheim, Bernice Neugarten, Thomas Gordon, Erika Fromm, and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, to name just some of the most highly-esteemed names in their fields.

Because I recognized the importance of theoretical and structural knowledge based on documentable research, I temporarily put some of my esoteric interests aside, and focused on my studies. While at the University of Chicago, I pursued clinical studies in Freudian psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis, transpersonal psychology, and religion. After my formal academic education, I studied meditation, astrology, metaphysics, and alternative medicine, as well. I was always drawn to open-minded disciplines grounded in scientific foundations, turning to them for answers to some of my questions about life transformations.

One of my life-long goals was to find a way to bridge the gap between science and esoteric awareness to make the world’s wisdom traditions accessible. I wanted to find answers to questions about human life and nature that would explain the difference between those who lived happy integrated lives and those whose lives continued to be filled with struggles and challenges.

I always felt enlivened when I recognized the deep wisdom in others and acknowledged it in daily living.

My driving motivation remained to find ways to facilitate change in people’s lives without undermining their self-esteem or core being – something that can happen when people give away their power to esoteric or traditional teachers, courses of study, therapists, or educational systems. Within my work, I always served as a coach, partnering with my clients in their own evolutionary process.

In 1978 during a meditation, I was guided to travel to India. I had already listened to the “voice” of my soul and had successfully moved my family and clinical practice to California, so when I was guided to travel to India, I planned the trip. On that visit, and on the day predicted by my great astrology mentor, Katherine de Jersey, I met Marvin, the man who became my husband. The magic of that moment changed the course of both our lives.

At that time, Marvin had taken an indefinite leave from his holistic medical practice in California, had sold his home (a mile from where I had moved a year earlier), and was undecided about the future course of his life. In fact, Marvin was seriously considering remaining in India and living a meditative life. However, our bond of love was instantaneously deep and still continues today; we both knew we had met our true soul mate.

The Evolution of Beyond Human Design


My work with Noble Sciences provided a roadmap to life on earth, giving guidance for events and experiences that enhance our connection with our Divine Self. The work builds on the foundation of four ancient wisdom traditions including the Tree of Life, the I-Ching, the Chakras, and Astrology. For millennia, these wisdom traditions remained virtually the same, operating independently from one another. Each contains information that can give aspects of truth on a cosmic level, taking into account the universal viewpoint.

Twenty years ago, the Human Design system melded these four disciplines into one synergistic form that leveraged the truth contained in each, affording greater, more detailed information. Noble Sciences goes Beyond Human Design by integrating the sciences of developmental psychology and Clean Language into the Human Design System. This expanded information provides a complex personality tool that serves as a roadmap with depth and transformational power.

My first contact with Human Design was seeing an image of the Human Design Mandala in a magazine. From my Jungian analytic work and study of astrology, my first response to it was, " I know what that is." Thus, began my journey with work that eventually went far Beyond Human Design into the depth of its synthesis and continues its evolutionary development as it is still in its infancy.

In 1987, Robert Allan Krakower, also known as Ra Uru Hu, received the mechanical structure of Human Design during an encounter with what he called, “The Voice”. He was given immensely detailed knowledge, especially of the body map, and was shown how to combine the four wisdom traditions into a single unifying, albeit incomplete system. Ra described himself as a mechanic and a messenger for the information he was given. He was provided with the structure not the content or interpretation of the system he was shown.

Thus, one of Ra’s goals when we met in 1996 was to validate the Human Design system. He approached my husband and me with that intention in 1999, and asked us to assume responsibility of investigating the Human Design system medically, psychologically, and scientifically.

My statistical research with the intention of validating Ra’s hypotheses about “his” system proved that it was a flawed system.

My work in Human Design led me to recognize that although it contained seeds of truth that resonated deeply within me the data that it returned was not always aligned with the situation or clinical picture. For example, I noted key information that seemed to be missing from my childhood chart as well as that of my husband and children. I also searched for but couldn’t find explanations in Human Design for some of the symptoms and issues clients presented.

Noble Sciences grew out of the synthesis of the Human Design system and my need, as a social scientist, to adjust it to get valid results in application to real individuals and their lives. Although I value the basic calculations and synthesis in Human Design, the method I developed in Noble Sciences goes beyond Ra’s system by incorporating the social sciences and human development disciplines as well. These adjustments are my response to the shortcomings that I encountered and documented in the Human Design System when applying it to thousands of cases for statistical analysis.

You can read about how I validated chart calculations and further developed Beyond Human Design the beautifully illustrated e-book or paperback Cosmic Secrets Revealed: A Key to Self Discovery

Eleanor is in private practice as a clinical psychologist and professional certified coach, and she is a co-founder of the LA Erickson Institute. Eleanor also continues her work in Noble Sciences, writes prolifically, and teaches professionals. She lives and works in Pacific Palisades with her husband, Marvin Portner, M.D. Their household is graced with three Siamese cats and a Labradoodle. They enjoy time with their children and grandchildren.

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