Take an adventure Beyond Human Design InTo Truth of your multidimensional Self

It takes you on an adventure Beyond Human Design into the multidimensional universe in which you recognize the truth of your Self

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By Understanding How You Function You Gain New And Profound Depth In Personal Development


Wake Up To Yourself

 Expand the depths of your true nature.

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Beyond Human Design

Beyond Human Design is based on the Noble Sciences sacred synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions and rigorous scientific examination

"Beyond Human Design" - Dr. Eleanor

Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner blends together the personal and the universal, the scientific and the mystical, the ancient and the modern. Her innovative tools help you consciously align yourself with cosmic influences that affect everyone. Instead of feeling at the whim of the planets or of your personality, Noble Sciences tools helps you understand both and how they relate to each other. Noble Sciences Tools developed by Dr. Eleanor Go Beyond Human Design powerfully allowing you to make choices in your life so they honor your energy in balanced ways and thus benefit you and others to their maximum.

On this introductory website, key concepts synthesized in Beyond Human Design explain how you can gain full access to transformational life-changing knowledge. Experience the richness of Noble Science’ sacred synergy.