Have you ever wondered why everyone around you is having a frustrating day?
 Do you wish someone would just tell you what you need to do to get through the stress of your day?
 Do you want to anticipate the stock market and its changes?
 Why are some people “in the flow” and other people constantly flounder?
 What can Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis Multidimensional Human Design Reports do for you?

Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis™ Multidimensional Human Design Action Points guide you through cosmic patterns that change daily. Life is full of challenges every day. How you handle your choices depends on many things. You can empower your Self by using Noble Sciences Multidimensional Human Design Reports to help you make conscious choices about how you live your life and use your energy. Build self-esteem, learn how to live in abundance.

 Be in the flow.

 Build harmony in your life.

 Noble Sciences Multidimensional Tools help you do it all.

I write the action points for each day based on my research into the way personality operates. Although you change from moment to moment because of unique characteristics of your personality, charts for any given day will impact you generally and just like taking an umbrella when rain is forecast, knowing what the day will bring gives you an advantage in planning your day. Go Beyond Human Design and learn how each day is unique and how cosmic tides come together and impact you.

Cosmic energy shifts daily in impacting you on all layers of awareness: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. If you want to gain insight into what is driving you and those around you on a daily basis, you can easily see the way the layers of a chart come together by looking at a Type Chart for the Day. The Multidimensional Human Design Type Chart is another kind of Calendar - it gives you a strategy for each layer of the day’s chart in a handy chart format. Use this Type Chart Calendar along with the Daily Calendar and Daily Wisdom Practices to know what energies are affecting you and other people and gain insight and reminders in how to manage your own energy to remain balanced and “in the flow.”

Birth is a defining moment in the life of every human being, yet it does not determine the full extent or impact of cosmic energies on an individual. Beyond Human Design charts show how planets impact us in the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Worlds noted in all esoteric disciplines. To have a full understanding of yourself, it is important to look at all your auric fields and the planetary and other influences at work on you during critical times of development. Listen to my introduction of Beyond Human Design Charts and why and how they can benefit you.