The Voices of the Throat


The thoat center is a complex center that functions as the intermediary between the mind and its interpretation of data. Information received by an individual is given expression in words and in actions. Thus, the throat center is considered determines how someone expresses and manifests actions in the world.

Because no action occurs without intention the throat center operates like a switching station between the mind and the body on all levels of awareness, consious and unconscious.

We all function on multiple levels of awareness: mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical, all of which integrate into us seamlessly, and, for the most part, without conscious intervention. Thus, it is helpful to recognize that we may find our voice in one area of our life easier than in another, or we may shift gears from one environment to another and feel as though we are completely different when in different situations or with different people.

This document is meant as a study aid in bringing awareness to how you use words to express your inner process. Just notice how you think about what you want to say and then how you frame your words in metaphors and imagery. Then, notice if the imagery you use falls into the visual, auditory, or kinesthetic category of perception.

In addition, note in your studies that the Throat Center is a complex center with eleven gates or hexagram portals all in three astrological signs: Taurus, Gemini, and Leo. These put the gates or hexagrams in the astrological wheel in the segment that is focused on self awareness, inner resources, communication, and creativity. In the Human Design Mandala segments of the wheel in which these signs are located have to do with the realm of manifestation and action. Thus, the Throat center has a great deal of power in expressing an individual’s consciousness and the way it is received in the world.

These materials are designed to be both graphic and informational. Read and study them thinking about each Gate’s language and how it manifests in you in all four worlds in which you live and function.