Mac and Me: The Psyche of a Dog and the Axes of Awareness

Communication Between Humans and Dogs: Building Consciousness

Mac and Me: The Psyche of a Dog and the Axes of Awareness

Experiences with Mac (our Labradoodle) shifted my own understanding of what training a dog is about. I realized that when the relationship of close communication between a person and their dog happens, the dog works for the owner. The work keeps the dog fully engaged and occupied. It’s fun for a dog to have something to do — a job, a purpose. And in the process the owner gains insight into their own process and connects through the dog to a deep layer of their own unconscious.

When a dog ‘s person communicates clearly and directly about what the dog is supposed to do at a given time, whether the task takes a minute, thirty seconds, an hour, or two hours, it’s just a question of the dog staying focused on what they’re supposed to be doing to reach the goal.

Nonverbal communication that happens between owner and dog is the same kind of dialogue that happens internally whenaxes-if-awareness-6-16-16 an individual knows in their whole being how to stay in the flow. Being in the flow is a state of union present only when there’s a clear communication between the higher self and instinctive awareness. A bridge exists between higher consciousness (or Ajna awareness) and instinctive awareness (or Sacral awareness. When the Ajna and the Sacral communicate in perfect balance through the unifying principle of the mental and spiritual worlds, then the two come together as one.

The spiritual, more subconscious unconscious is in charge of the physical body and the more mental conscious higher level of the subconscious is under emotional control. So when we have a relationship like that with a dog, it’s a working through of that relationship within ourselves, but through a surrogate. The dog becomes part of the psyche of the owner. This union explains why man and dog are considered best friends. The bond that happens between man and dog connects the deep unconscious of the human in the embodiment of the dog to the higher consciousness of the owner. Through that human link the human raises the dog’s consciousness in that moment through the use of a defined and focused task; by holding the dog to that task and teaching them how to apply discipline and mind to their raw instinct, they expand their consciousness. This mirrors the human process in reverse sequence, i.e., the human gets deeply in touch with their instinctive unconscious through the dog and the dog gets to experience a higher octave of consciousness through their bond with their human.

In cats, there is a completely different relationship, because the cat doesn’t look to the human for its work. It defines its own work, so the relationship in cats is more of a cross-relationship — that we understand their instincts and they understand our mind, so it’s a cross-connection. Very different, but it’s fascinating and it’s really fun.

In both dogs and cats, the process of communicating with them brings the Axes of Awareness into action and demonstrates how it operates in daily life.