How is Beyond Human Design Transformational?

Human Development describes the way people grow and change over their life span. Everyone who has a child is familiar with stages of child development. Babies start out helpless only able to cry and they eventually move on to crawling, walking and talking.

Transformational Human Development recognizes more than the physical, mental, and emotional stages. It recognizes that development goes on throughout the life span. It includes spiritual development. It recognizes the extraordinary nature of cosmic energies that predispose and pressure you in ways that affect what you think and feel. Your thoughts create your life.

How ‘conscious’ are you of your thoughts? When you change your consciousness you change your life.

In Human Development some things can’t be changed. Your natural hair color, natural eye color, and body type are impossible to change at their most basic level. Transformational Human Development is about what you have the power to change: your way of thinking, your feelings, your life style, and your consciousness.

Transformational Human Development brings you:

Increased happiness and fulfillment
Your soul-mate
Greater financial success
A healthy, energetic body
Passion in day-to-day life

Many people spend their lifetime striving for things they never quite get. They bounce from system to system, guru to guru but never make the breakthrough they desire. Most methods only take into account one’s development on a single layer of being, the mental layer.

Transformational Human Development works toward the integration of Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions!

Everyone functions on Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical levels. They operate differently on each of those areas/layers. Learning to recognize and integrate these layers of life holds the key to conscious living that fulfills all your dreams. You can achieve your ideal.

Throughout more than 40 years as a clinical psychologist, I looked for ways to quickly help clients so they would not require a lifetime of therapy. Esoteric tools coupled with scientific work helped me combine stages and layers of human development. I developed ways of helping people achieve extreme happiness in their personal life, relationships, work, and health. I statistically validated this system on more than 35,000 cases.

Beyond Human Design is a Transformational Human Development System that teaches you:

To stay balanced in different situations
To rely on yourself for making and timing decisions with confidence
To clear your mind and balance your body
To clarify goals
To clear emotional baggage
To tell who is healthy in your life and who is not
To use positive communication skills
The best times to take action and the best time to stay still

Once you recognize and navigate daily energy around you, you have the secret to consciousness. Learn to be conscious of energies that affect you all day every day. Find the key to your success and extreme happiness. This is what Transformational Human Development is all about.

When you learn to tune in to all the subtle energies around you, you know the best times to take action and the best times to stay still. Understanding energy can be like understanding the weather. You can certainly look out the window and see what might be happening in the immediate future. When you plan a trip, you generally check a long-term forecast. I give people personal and global energy forecasts.

Imagine what it would be like to have a long-term forecast of the types of energies you might encounter and how that may affect you. Forewarned is forearmed, so to speak. Of course, individuals must align their inner process to the outer energetic weather.

Transformational Human Development guides your way.

Tune in to the energy around you, so you can:
Simply and easily anticipate times of stress and times of ease
Understand who impacts and influences you and why
Know who you impact and how
Shape your own destiny
Integrate your Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Layers
Live a balanced and fulfilling life

Transformational Human Development is the next evolution of Human Development. The best place to begin this journey is to become aware of how multidimensional energy affects you. Here’s a simple experiment to try:

Transform with “Improved Self-Talk in Minutes

Write down something positive about yourself. Let this be something about yourself that you admire. Write down something you wish were different about yourself. Read through these instructions and make sure you are positioned comfortably. When you understand, begin the meditation.

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Transcript of the Meditation: Close your eyes. Breath deeply in as you bring into mind and feel the positive item you wrote. Let the energy of this positive statement move through you as you watch your breathing. Continue to breath deeply in and out, in and out. Notice how easy and freely your energy moves and how you relax more and more with each breath. Watch as you breathe, in and out, noticing your mind and what it does. Just watch.

Continue to breathe as you bring to mind the negative statement. Notice shifts in your thoughts and shifts in your breathing. Go back and forth between the positive and the negative statement a few times. Notice the shifts in your body energy and how you feel. Then, monitor your breathing and maintain its rhythm as you focus and secure the positive energy statement in your memory. Use this breathing and maintain it as you bring the negative statement to mind. Continue your “positive” breath pattern using it to transform the effect of your statement internally. Go back and forth with your statements until you image the negative one transformed through your breathing and you feel positive energy surrounding it. You may even feel a laugh inside. Open your eyes maintaining your breathing. Close your eyes one more time to anchor positive energy in your gut. Remember this feeling. Breathe deeply and in long breaths as you relax your muscles. Again, remember, this feeling. Open your eyes and move forward in your day.

If you don’t get this the first time, that’s OK. It is worth doing on occasion to get tuned into your self and discover the power of self-talk, good or bad. Some people have trouble coming up with what they admire about themselves. If you encounter this, think of something positive in your life instead, even if it is something as simple as getting out of bed.