Beyond Human Design is based on the Noble Sciences sacred synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions and rigorous scientific examination. Through the use of personal tools designed to activate knowledge deep within your core, you can delve into the depths of your own true nature and improve your daily life. Access the wisdom of the cosmos and the truths that reside within you on this exciting journey of self-discovery that is Noble Sciences.

Beyond Human Design is not another cookie-cutter approach to life. It is unlike systems that try to divide people into a small number of basic types which are then locked into certain responses. It goes well beyond the deterministic approach of astrology or the I-Ching. It integrates the Tree of Life, Chakras, Human Design, four worlds in which humans function, and psychological stages of development. This goes Beyond Human Design taking you into a multiverse of information that reveals your true nature.

No matter how useful, blueprints cannot build buildings. Only the builder with his/her ability to make adjustments in real-time can bring to life the idea held in the blueprint. While cosmic influences impel us, they do not compel us. Beyond Human Design gives you the information you need to choose for yourself how you wish to respond.

Beyond Human Design empowers you to take charge of your daily life. Rather than creating a dependency on continuous, complicated, and costly readings, the Beyond Human Design tools distill the vast amounts into a chart that shows you clearly how you process information and make decisions. This allows anyone to experience the level of depth and guidance usually reserved for experts in these ancient traditions.

To start exploring continue on to the next section Ancient Wisdom or click on the links above to begin exploring the secrets behind the scenes. Ancient Wisdom includes information on components of Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis: the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The I-Ching, The Hindu Chakra System, and Astrology. Using Modern Science, these disciplines are integrated in Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis using the structure of Human Design in conjunction with Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Clinical and Statistical Research. You can also read the whole story in our beautifully illustrated e-book Cosmic Secrets Revealed.

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