The Four Worlds

The Four Worlds

Ancient Wisdom teaches that we live in a multidimensional universe and function in four worlds accessible to our consciousness as well as other dimensional realities that are beyond the veil of general awareness.

In recent times, more people are talking about and recognizing that consciousness is not limited to the waking world and that many individuals function in dimensions of time and space that cannot be easily quantified.

As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with dreams and other dimensional awareness throughout my practice and have documented the worlds in the Beyond Human Design Charts statistically as well as clinically.

In short, there are many layers of functioning, but those who only believe in the physical and personality expressions of being are limited and missing out on learning from the other realities they’re actually operating in unconsciously.


As a human being you function in four worlds. The mental world determines how you think about things in your life, your relationships to others, i.e., your daily reality. The spiritual world determines how and what you perceive as your purpose for being in the world as part of a greater whole. The emotional world determines how you feel about things that relate to you in all areas of your daily life. The physical world determines your physical health and how its chemistry sustains your life.

Each of these worlds operates within you all the time. Sometimes, I describe them as layers since that is how they are generally perceived. These layers, or worlds, correspond to the energy bodies or auric fields often identified by mystics and esoteric groups.

We are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic universe we live in, therefore, our energies interact in a dynamic fashion with the world around us.

If we are energetic beings, then the thoughts and feelings we experience in our subtle bodies can eventually be translated to manifestation in our physical realities as these frequencies become denser. Regardless of the way you live your life and regardless of your cultural practices, these are common energetic layers we all experience. When these areas of your life are in balance, you’re likely to feel a sense of alignment and happiness. When they‘re out of balance you are likely to feel a sense of disharmony or dissatisfaction.

These layers are activated during development three months before a birth event. This time marks the time when your consciousness becomes viable. It extends up to and shortly before birth. Once birth occurs, the environment and those in it affect the way you respond developmentally and how you are socialized in and to the world around you, especially, in the first three months after birth.


Patterns of development influence your ways of responding and perceiving. Your patterns become conscious when you build awareness. By knowing how you function in the four different worlds, and at different times, you gain awareness of your predisposed ways of perceiving. Awareness leads to the ability to change your predispositions and unconscious behavior.