Multidimensional Synthesis

Multidimensional Synthesis


The Multidimensional Synthesis used by Beyond Human Design addresses the complexity of each unique human being and mammal. Each chart synthesizes the knowledge from multiple ancient and modern disciplines using the knowledge of each and their correlations to “read” the personality and energy of an individual. Beyond Human Design Charts are powerful in showing timing and strategy for realizing one’s true potential as a divine being.

The Tree of Life with its paths of intelligence shows the flow of energy as an individual evolves in consciousness. It forms the basis of the body graph structure. Understanding the way the paths of intelligence unfold in the process of individuation adds a dimension to the way the Channels in the body Graph of the Human Design System are read. The recognition of channels of personality expression vs. those of higher consciousness is key in recognizing how the body graph energy is used.

Chakras give nuance to the Body Graph. By using the four worlds, and separating them developmentally and by time frame, the reader gains perspective of the timing of energy and how it is experienced in making decisions.

The I-Ching Hexagrams correlate with the astrological signs by degree and thus shift meaning with the planetary activation in the charts. In addition, the Paths of Intelligence correlate with the lines of the Hexagrams and shift the way the hexagram and its line is read in each world and in each chart.

While the complexity of the knowledge is vast, reading a chart energetically is actually quite visual and simple because it is so graphic and so apparent in many charts.