Human Design

Human Design


The Mandala of Synthesis showing the I-Ching Hexagrams around a Zodiac Wheel

The Human Design System channeled by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 was a breakthrough in knowledge that aimed at synthesizing ancient wisdom tools into a modern tool for self-knowledge. When Ra Uru Hu was given the information he was given the body graph and its channels and hexagram correspondences as well as the geometric and specifications for the body graph.

As Ra worked with the materials attempting to understand the knowledge associated with the structure he was given he came up with his own interpretation of the information. The evolution of Human Design was critical in bringing new knowledge of how the systems it included in the body graph could be synthesized. However, Ra was a messenger not a theoretician or a social scientist and he knew that he needed more scientific knowledge to make the information he was given longevity.

When the components of the Human Design System are analyzed using statistical Social Science tools, many of its components need to be fleshed out for accurate hypotheses to be documented. As a social scientist, I took on this task in 1999 and found that the Human Design was an incomplete system that required more specificity to mirror the psyche of a human or mammal. In working with the system, it was apparent that developmental and multidimensional perspectives added to the synthesis in immeasurably helpful ways that are powerful in getting to the core of how a person functions energetically in their life.

This synthesis that became Beyond Human Design is the first personality system that I know of that actually has the potential to show how someone functions in multidimensional worlds and how the process of manifestation actually occurs from its inception to its fulfillment. But in order to do this, Developmental Psychology and the Four Worlds needed to be included in the system.