Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

The detailed information provided by Beyond Human Design can be applied to you based on your birth data or it can be looked at as a general “climate” for a given day as it affects everyone. It is both a personal system that identifies tendencies within you based on your birth moment and it is a universal system that identifies tendencies that apply to you and other people on a daily basis.

My research revealed that looking at the day in question is not enough to get the full picture. The data revealed that there is a six-month “conditioning field” both for individuals and for any moment in time that extends from three months prior to the moment in question through three months after. Consequently, the energy of any given day or birth moment actually encompasses a period of six-months.

Like a very slowly developing picture, you can’t fully comprehend what you see until the process is complete. And like the photo, it is a composite of several layers of color working together to make a complete picture.

The energy climate during the time and place of your birth, which includes the three months before and after, influences you at your deepest level. These energies coalesce together into key aspects that shape you. When you are older, the climate of each day still affects you, but you experience it through filters set up within you during the initial energy imprint you received during the key six-month developmental conditioning period surrounding your birth. These key times of development correspond to the eight charts used in Beyond Human Design.


*Note regarding the chart above: Each of these segments of time relates to a layer of our reality. Solar Degrees affect the mental layer and Lunar Degrees affect the spiritual layer. Solar Minutes affect the Emotional (Angelic) layer, and Lunar Minutes affect the physical. These differences determine which world or matrix is used to determine how an individual functions in different expressions of their reality, as each world functions within its own timeframe.

The Developmental Conditioning Field gives rise to a multidimensional picture of a person or day. To fully understand this multidimensional picture, it is important to know the many factors or components that go into any single composite view. In this section we will examine each of these key components:

The Four Layers of Functioning

Everyone functions through different senses-- mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical layers. The Four Layers of Functioning are found in many disciplines and across many esoteric traditions, often referred to as subtle bodies or energy bodies.

The Eight Charts

Noble Sciences has pinpointed the times when each of the four layers of being are activated for any given birth/day and time. Each of these times produces a chart/map that when looked at in composite gives a detailed and clear picture of an individual person’s make up or of the cosmic energies of a particular day.

The Nine Energy Centers

The charts allow you to see which of the Nine Energy Centers are defined, or “turned on,” over the six-month development period. You can also see connections between centers. The activations for the Nine Energy Centers and the ways in which energy connects these centers are critical components to understanding your inner process or the energy of a particular day.

The Five Types

Because information from charts and maps represent each of the four layers of functioning and shows how and when the Nine Energy Centers are activated, it is possible to determine which of five basic Types you (or a day) falls into. By looking at the flow of what is activated or deactivated, it is further possible to ascertain (decode) exactly the way you or the day functions.