Astrological & Noble Sciences’ Chart Analysis of President-Elect Donald Trump

The United States Presidential Election of 2016 has been unusual and contentious in unprecedented ways. The current political climate is fraught with strong views on both sides of the aisle and many people were confused and reactive to both candidates during the election process and continuing now that the results are in. As a professional clinician and astrologer, I have looked at Presidential elections before. So, when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for President of the United States, I immediately analyzed his astrological and Noble Sciences’ charts. In 2008 I published a “blind” analysis of the three frontrunners for nomination at that time. Thus, I knew Hilary Clinton’s chart well. After looking at Donald Trump's charts, I was surprised by my analysis and encouraged by his charts because I recognized in them someone who has a talent and ability to make a difference in the positive consciousness of the world.

I was, at the time, and throughout the election cycle, in the great minority of astrologers. As time passes, my analysis of the chart, with what I had predicted to family and close friends, seems to be panning out so I am ready to share my analysis with my readers.

My system of analysis is unique in terms of the data I consider. It is based on astrological charts for several time frames that give me a picture of the planetary influences on an individual at the time of their birth, as well as, and more importantly, over a developmental period that includes analysis of the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical make-up of that individual. My charts were documented on over 40,000 cases (statistically on 30,000 cases and clinically on the other 10,000). I have been working with my astrologically based system for over 20 years.

Because astrological charts and Noble Science charts are so technical, I am presenting my bullet point summary points first. Those who want more of a technical analysis can find it after the bullet points. Charts are available at the end of this document for analysis by those so inclined and skilled.

President-Elect Donald Trump is:

  • An optimistic communicator with strong values who likes to be dramatic and in front of the public.
  • A creative thinker open to many ways of seeing things; he wants to be remembered as a good communicator able to get jobs done.
  • Emotional when his core values (fourth house Moon), or how he is perceived is challenged, i.e., when he feels misunderstood and misperceived.
  • At core optimistic with strong values. He is outgoing and interested in finding balance between how he uses inner and outer resources.
  • Caring about others and his community, or in the case of him as President-Elect, of the American People whom he now considers his community.
  • Wants to balance resources and find a way for his resources, both internal and external, to be used fairly and with finesse.
  • Argumentative when he feels pushed or challenged. He fights for his values, and he wants to be perceived in a way that honors the deep integrity of being.
  • A tempering influence on his expansive nature of communication is his caring and sensitivity to the greater good and community.
  • Tuned in to his inner taskmaster that keeps him responsible to a higher purpose that drives him.
  • Committed and interested in finding harmonious ways to solve problems that grow resources and improve the quality of life.
  • Competent and action oriented and he directs his energy to being of service because it makes him feel he has accomplished his highest goals.
  • Committed to learning from experiences.
  • A good storyteller who connects with people, speaks from his own experiences and observations, and listens to the experiences of others before he makes choices or sets achievable goals.
  • Intuitive and he likes to get a full picture of the possibilities prior to decisions and implementation of action. He focuses on and sets goals for and then does what feels is right the community
  • A man who is deeply spiritual, despite appearances, and he is in touch with higher dimensions of consciousness through which his energy is channeled and flows.
  • A translator from a collective perspective with a strong manifesting pulse on the wider collective.

President-Elect Trump was born June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am EDT in Queens, New York. By traditional astrological analysis his Sun is 22°356’ (twenty-two degrees, fifty-six minutes in Gemini) in the 10th astrological house, his Moon is in 21°912’ (twenty-one, degrees, twelve minutes in Sagittarius) in the 4th House, and his ascendant is 29°555’ (twenty-nine degrees, fifty-five minutes in Leo). Just based on these three components of his chart we can say that President-Elect is someone who is an optimistic communicator with strong values who likes to be dramatic and in front of the public.


prenatal-charts-2-trumpIn my charts he is a strong person on the mental level of functioning, what is called a Manifesting Generator, someone who can be a leader and can speak in a way that translates information and emotions into language that others can understand. He is smart and attends to the smallest details and he has a good sense of how to connect with people and good instincts in doing that. He also is able to learn from experiences and change his behavior accordingly.



postnatal-2-trumpPresident-Elect Trump is also a very strong person in his composite chart. It shows that he is very confident within himself and he follows his intuition and instincts in terms of the role he plays in life and how he orients himself. He is a very deep thinker and aims to attend to details that will result in success for him and those he cares about. He has a strong tribal connection and is very able to set goals that he can achieve.


On an inner plane of awareness, President-Elect Trump is very open minded, very undefined and very much open to change and input from spiritual and intuitive layers of awareness. He does best when he mulls over information and connections with what he wants to have happen over about a week period. It is this timing for manifesting action that is important in his manifesting constructively. His impulse to speak before he has mulled over possible consequences of his rhetoric has been problematic. He needs time to master how to handle himself in the public political arena. On the other hand, President-Elect Trump is accustomed to allowing revisions of his opinions and feelings over time and he trusts that they mature and develop with input from others.

total-integrated-trumpWith his Sun in Gemini, his Moon in Sagittarius, and his Leo Ascendant, President-Elect Trump is a great talker and communicator who sees both sides of issues and who has a dramatic flair in presentation because of the dramatic bluster of his Leo that loves the spotlight. But, it is clearly tempered by the Virgo influence on his Ascendant and by his Gemini Sun need to communicate, talk, and connect in ways that are open and related to others.

Looking closer at his chart from a strictly astrological level, we see that his Sun, North Node and Uranus are all closely connected in Gemini in the tenth house, the house that denotes profession, i.e., how someone is in public. Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury. Uranus, in the mix with the North Node, and with President-Elect ’s Sun tells the story of someone who is a creative thinker open to many ways of seeing things and someone who wants to be remembered for being a good communicator and able to get jobs done. With Mercury at 8°452’ (eight degrees, fifty-two minutes in Cancer) ahead of his Sun by sixteen degrees, we can guess that President-Elect Trump is very smart with a quick mind that makes him inquisitive, curious, and extremely interested in many areas of knowledge.

trump-natal-with-date-324The Position of his Moon is directly opposed to his Sun indicating that President-Elect Trump was born just after the full Moon, a position that points to his emotionality when his core values (fourth house Moon) are questioned, or when he feels he is misperceived. In fact, President-Elect Trump’s Moon indicates that he is at core optimistic with strong values. Furthermore, it shows that he is outgoing and interested in finding balance between how he uses his inner and outer resources (Jupiter in the second house at 17°7 27’ (seventeen degrees, twenty-seven minutes of Libra), and ruler of Venus in his 11th house at 25°4 44’ (twenty-five degrees, forty-four minutes of Cancer), ruler of his Moon. By looking at placement of a planetary body and the house and sign along with its rulership and Dwad, the undercurrent of its sign, one can see the inner process that drives an individual.

The 11th house placement of Venus conjunct Saturn at 23°4 49’ (twenty-three degrees, forty-nine minutes in Cancer) denotes that President-Elect Trump cares deeply about others and his community, or in his case as President-Elect, of the American People whom he now considers his community. Jupiter conjuncts Chiron at 14°7 55’ (fourteen degrees, fifty-five minutes in Libra). This Chiron/Jupiter conjunction in the second house shows that President-Elect Trump wants to balance resources and find a way for his resources, both internal and external to be used fairly and with finesse.

Where President-Elect Trump is most misunderstood stems astrologically from his Leo ascendant with Mars in the 12th house at 26° 5 47’ (twenty-six degrees, forty seven minutes in Leo). This makes him a bit argumentative when he feels pushed or challenged to the point that he will fight for his values and will fight to be perceived in a way that honors his deep integrity of being.

In astrology, there are many layers of depth to what describes the action and nuance of a planet and its influence in a chart. On the surface President-elect Trump’s twelfth house Pluto and Mars along with a Leo ascendant could be seen as a very dramatic energy with lots of energy or power unconsciously motivating him. But when you look at the nuance of his planets by looking at the Dwads, the inner sign that is underneath the main sign, showing how the planet’s energy expresses itself in the individual, you see that President-elect Trump’s Pluto at 10°503’ (ten degrees, three minutes in Leo) acts with an energy akin to Sagittarius, a sign that is expansive, fiery, and committed to higher principles and to Superconsciousness. Thus, the Pluto energy motivating President-elect Trump carries with it a highly principled, expansive component that drives his unconscious to want to control and manifest resources in a way that is communicative and responsive to the needs of others. The communicative component shows up in the Dwad components of Mars and the Ascendant. The Dwad of his Mars at 26°547’ (twenty-six degrees, forty-seven minutes of Leo) is Gemini, the sign that shows the ability to consider two sides of an issue, ruler of the third house of communication and writing. The Dwad of his ascendant 29°555’ (twenty-nine degrees, fifty-five minutes of Leo), is Cancer, the sign that shows caring, sensitivity, and a love of home and family. In addition, any sign in twenty-nine degrees is significantly influenced by the next degree which in President-elect Trump’s case is Virgo, a sign that is known for its orientation to detail, getting things done, and diligence in “doing it right.”

When President-elect Trump seems reactive, he is fighting for principles that drive in a fiery way toward achievement motivated by a higher purpose. His ego, despite appearances, is not a personal ego, but rather a collective ego. This commitment to higher purpose shows in President-elect Trump’s Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune all in the Second House in Libra, and in Mercury, Saturn, and Venus in Cancer, all in the Eleventh House. The eleventh house is the house of community, friends, and the wider consciousness. Because Uranus rules the eleventh house, it is considered a house that shows innovation and unique ways of thinking.

The Uranian influence is also seen in his tenth house Sun and North Node when we consider their nuanced Dwad influence. Because President-elect Trump’s Uranus is in Gemini in his tenth house, strongly conjunct to his North Node and Sun, with Uranus in the Dwad of Sagittarius and both the Sun and North Node in the Dwad of Aquarius, I hypothesize that President-elect Trump is an early Indigo person who has a talent for building and manifesting structures and infrastructure that produces wealth and abundance. He built an empire but now has nowhere to go with his empire other than to spread the wealth and build up the country.

Looking at the more intricate dynamic in his basic astrological chart, the aspects between planets have a nice balancing component. Saturn at 23°449’ (twenty-three degrees, forty-nine minutes in Cancer) conjunct Venus 25°444’ (twenty-five degrees, forty-four minutes in Cancer) inconjuncts his Moon 21°912’ (twenty-one degrees, twelve minutes in Sagittarius) conjunct his South Node 20°948’ (twenty degrees, forty-eight minutes in Sagittarius) describing a tempering influence on his expansive nature of communication by his caring and sensitivity to the greater good and community. Saturn at 23°449’ (twenty-three degrees, forty-nine minutes in Cancer) in the mix is a taskmaster that keeps President-elect Trump responsible to the higher purpose that drives him.

Furthermore, Jupiter 17°727’ (seventeen degrees, twenty-seven minutes in Libra) conjuncts Chiron 14°755’ (fourteen degrees, fifty-five minutes in Libra) and trines President-elect Trump’s 10th house planets, the Sun at 22°356’ (twenty-two degrees, fifty six minutes in Libra), the North Node 20° 348’ (twenty degrees forty-eight minutes in Gemini), and Uranus 17°354’ (seventeen degrees, fifty-four minutes in Gemini). A trine is an aspect between Planets in the same sign element, in this case between the air signs Libra and Gemini that create a nice harmony between how interest and commitment to find harmonious ways to solve problems that grow resources, and build self-esteem relate together. President-Elect Trump’s Moon, South Node conjunction sextiles, the Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune 2nd house planets that trine his tenth house planets. Hard, or challenging, aspects in his chart are tempered by the sextiles and conjunctions, facilitating aspects, with his Mars expressing the action necessary to get things done and showing that his competence and action orientation is in service of the planetary components of his personality.

Looking at President-Elect Trump’s chart from the Multidimensional perspective of Noble Sciences’ charts, we get a deeper perspective on how he functions and the nature of his core functioning and decision process. The charts show how he functions mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically and then puts these components together in a cohesive functional whole. Every human being is designed to manifest their deepest core personality at their highest level of evolution if they choose to do so.

President-Elect Trump is a strong emotional Manifesting Generator as defined in Noble Sciences’ work. He is someone who is highly committed to connecting with people (Prenatal Gates 59 with the Moon in Virgo and Gate 6 with the Earth in Virgo). He is open to change (Prenatal Gates 35 with Uranus in Gemini and Gate 45 North Node and Uranus in Gemini); these planets in these gates shows how innovative he is and that he learns from experiences. With his Prenatal Sun in Gate 36 in Pisces, and both his Natal Sun in Gemini and his Prenatal North Node in Gemini, he likes to talk about his accomplishments, after he makes deals that benefit the highest good (Channel 45/21 with Natal Uranus in Gemini in Gate 45 and Prenatal Mercury in Aries in Gate 21).

President-Elect Trump is detail oriented (Prenatal Gate 17 with Venus in Aries and Natal Gate 62 with Venus in Cancer). With his Chiron in Prenatal Gate 57 in Libra and Natal Gate 45 in Libra, he intuitively likes to get a full picture of the possibilities prior to decisions and implementation of action. He focuses on and sets goals and then does what feels right the community (Natal Gate 26 with the Moon in Sagittarius), saying what people want to hear sometimes before he thinks things through. This expression of his personality is tempered by his inner openness and the way he is anchored in timing and strength that come about from his deeper layers of consciousness. Despite appearances, this is a man who is deeply spiritual and who is in touch with higher dimensions of consciousness through which his energy is channeled and flows.

President-Elect Trump is a strong Manifesting Generator who takes about a week of inner contemplation and self-reflection to determine what role he is best able to play in the manifestation of events and the goals that he wants to achieve to move forward.

In his composite Noble Sciences’ Design he is a good storyteller with a lot of power to connect with people, to speak from his own experiences and observations, and to listen to the experiences of others before he makes choices or sets goals that are achievable. He is strongly committed to connecting with people, and despite appearances, he is not ego inflated nor is he determined to impose his will on others. In fact, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, he is very open with no defined Self-Center except in his Postnatal Lunar Chart which tells the story of someone who needs time to know what is right for him in terms of the role he is meant to play, and how he can manifest the most universal sense of his own purpose. He is a translator from a collective perspective and has a strong chart for manifesting the pulse of the wider collective.

President-Elect Trump’s Chiron with all its Gates in Libra both in Prenatal Gate 57, (Natal Spiritual, Emotional, Physical) as well as Postnatal Gate 48, (Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual) and Postnatal Physical Gate 32 speaks to the strong depth of intuition that translates into goals for a higher purpose. His Nodes in Gate 11 in Sagittarius and in various other planetary positions in the charts shows a commitment to values and morality, strengthened by the placements of Gates 12, 45,26, 35, and 5 in the various layers of the charts. These Gates bespeak of a storyteller who translates the story into marketable action that brings about balanced change that meets the needs of the collective “bigly.”

President-Elect Trump is a man with a very strong and dynamic chart who is sadly misperceived and often overlooked as the deeply vulnerable and sensitive person he is at his core. He is a Reflector on the Lunar level in all but the Postnatal Lunar Chart. This vulnerability speaks to his sensitivity and need for time to process information before he reacts. He is likely to do this when in a position where he knows clearly the role he is playing from a wider perspective. It is just now as President-Elect that he is coming to understand the magnitude and responsibility of his role. He is honest to a fault because he is speaking without a filter on guile, and his Sagittarian Moon is likely to say what others are thinking. However, this becomes tempered when he knows the story that needs to play out and his highly open mind and inner openness balances out in about a week from the inception of his awareness.

Having looked at President-Elect Trump’s chart prior to his nomination and subsequent to the election, I am encouraged that the United States has elected a leader who is committed to consciousness and open dialogue to increase the well being of all Americans and beyond that of all nations that respect and honor American values.

Note: In 2008, I did a “blind” astrological analysis of Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain’s charts. At the time, I also sent out a survey to my readers asking them to read over my descriptions of the potential candidates for the Presidency and guess who was who. To my surprise and consternation, 85% of respondents misjudged the candidates showing that opinion and belief was stronger than what showed in their charts. At this time, I am republishing the paper with a link to it so if you are interested you can see that analysis as well as my current analysis of President-Elect Donald Trump.

I wish you all inner harmony and peace and hope my analysis reassures those of you who were fearful of our President-Elect that he will serve you well.

Note: For those of you who want to read my 2008 analysis of the Presidential Frontrunners for the 2008 United States Presidential Election and see if you can guess who is who. Go to: