A Socio-Psychological View of The Political Scene


Right now, with the election of 2016, we are in the midst of a major revolution. This revolution actually began after the Second World War in a whole different way than past revolutions because the trauma of the Hitler dictatorship. When Hitler came to power, the German people believed their country was on the “right track.” Many people were blind to Hitler’s rise to abusive power. The devastation created the World War created great fear that continues to reverberate.

As a consequence of the war, the Communist movement emerged in order to counteract discrimination and elitism existent prior to the war. There was, now, a fear of any acknowledgment of ethnic differences and a movement began to homogenize, blend, and acculturate, so there would no longer be a "pure species."

This reaction to Nazism brought the increasing rise of Communism and Socialism. Furthermore, the development of Atomic weapons fueled global ideological and political fears and vying for dominance of world powers creating a new way for countries to yield and threaten their use of power.

The reaction to Nazism, and to the Holocaust, developed at the same time as the psychological ideological milieu that had been growing during the 20th century. The new psychological ideologies began with Freud and Jung and developed credibility between 1900 and 1950. By the early 1950s, new emphasis and resources were put into psychology because returning veterans needed treatment for post-traumatic stress. The need for a new kind of therapy, that was more cost effective, and time effective than the analytic model, emerged. Out of this need, and as a reaction against authoritarian power, Dr. Spock wrote “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care” in 1946, in which, instead of teaching respect for authority, he discouraged directive training and emphasized accommodating children’s feelings and catering to their preferences. This shift of emphasis encouraged a less authoritarian approach to discipline. Shortly thereafter, humanistic psychologists like Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and Tom Gordon gained popularity. Studies about cultural and national ethnic differences abounded. The cultural reaction to oppression activated a movement away from using authority with the belief that it was as a possible path to dictatorship. In other words, because people were unconsciously afraid that authority could become a dictatorship, it was reacted against.

This reaction created a real problem socially and culturally, because Authority is not dictatorship; authority is true leadership. It's the breath soul, represented by The Emperor Card (Key 4) in Tarot. The Emperor in Tarot corresponds to Hexagram/Gate 31 of the I-Ching, representing in Tarot, as well as in Noble Sciences Charts, leadership. Leadership also comes through the 45th Hexagram/Gate of the I-Ching in Noble Sciences’ Chart, a Hexagram/Gate that connects to the Heart Center. This placement shows graphically that in order to be a true leader, one needs to have the energy of the Life Force coming though. The 45th Hexagram/Gate relates to breathing oxygen. Through Hexagram/Gate 45 we take in the supply of oxygen that goes directly to the heart itself.

We cannot exist without oxygen, and thus, from this in-breath of life energy comes the whole creative force. So when leadership is creative leadership that understands the needs of the Self it moves through with a divine spark. It's only then that authority and trust comes from a higher place. It's not emotional, it's not reactive, and it's does not come out of any kind of personality level, or need. Its foundation is based on a value. The value is founded on the sanctity of life and the right of each individual as a divine expression of God. It is what the Founding Fathers of America laid down in the Constitution.

Since the 1950s, psychology became much more laissez-faire, open, moved away from the structured psychoanalytic approaches, and moved away from the strict medical model. Around that time alternative approached to traditional treatments gained more credibility – the legitimacy of osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, and other practitioners gained ground. And, then, in the early 1960s, birth control pills became mainstream, freeing women. Sexuality became freer and more open. Fear of using authoritarian parenting became part of the “Weltanschang,” the world view of the time. Psychology programs moved away from traditional experimental models and became focused on humanistic psychology and consciousness.

Out of that laissez-faire movement, we now have seniors, who are now the liberal leaders teaching in the colleges. When I taught college in 1966, 1967, and 1968, the colleges were not as liberal as they are now. However, there was a faction of intellectually, snobby students who were enamored with the message of folk music such as the song, “We shall overcome,” and activated to protest the mainstream rules and laws with which they disagreed.

What were they overcoming? It was an epigenetic fear and reaction to the mistake of letting an illegitimate leader (Hitler) take power. If a leader usurps too much power, it's because their motive is power, and not leadership. Such power is illegitimate power and seeks control rather than leadership and rules without regard to the needs of the people or of the relationship to the other person. There's a big difference between power and leadership, power and authority. These differences are ones I teach those I counsel in relationships and in parenting classes.

It’s very interesting to me, politically, to recognize that we live at a time where there's a real revolution going on. It is a revolution of values, not a revolution of needs. Needs come from the personality level. They come from want. They come from a sense that there are “haves” and “have-nots.” Values are core to the way a person chooses to live. People live by their values, and in America, they're given freedom to live according to their values and to pursue their needs as long as they do so within the bounds of the law of the country. But, no one has the right in American to impose their values on others if it takes away their freedom to express their views, or live their life as they so choose.

Because there has to be a relationship in order to want to fulfill somebody's need, Americans have come to expect the government to fulfill their needs, an expectation that takes away their drive for competence and relationship with self and with those closest to them. Now, needs seem to rely on relationship with the collective, but this shift fails to empower the individual to achieve their own self-determination and abdicates their own inner authority. Think about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The first need an individual has is for security. No one can feel secure if, when adult, they depend on others for survival. People who feel deficient in their self-regard have needs that come out of fear rather than out of self-empowerment, because their gratification can always be threatened. Human beings have the natural instinctive drive to achieve and toward competence; it is a primal instinct that allows infants to survive. Humans are designed to achieve and to manifest in the world.

In the Noble Sciences’ System, statistical analysis shows that 98% of the population is capable of manifesting everything they need in the world. It's in the Noble Sciences’ charts. The data is corroborated in all of the esoteric syntheses of science. But, anyone who gets stuck in their own small vision may fail. In the esoteric literature, it was predicted that there would be a time like this one when a new leader comes from the outside bringing about peace that lasts for about 200 years.

We now have a revolution on a lot of levels. It's a revolution of people who are stuck in their personality, and who think they're being generous, and they are, but at the expense of empowering the people they believe they are helping. Current research shows that children told they are doing a “good job” even when they have not suffer poor self-esteem. Furthermore, these children achieve far less than those exposed to the reality of their performance and more structured authoritarian leadership. We need to change the rhetoric to one that empowers rather than one of disempowerment.

We are in a revolution on all levels, psychological, sociological, esoteric, planetary, and extra-planetary. In 1977, the Age of Aquarius began, and it was only the preliminary. Now we're in it. And, now there has to be change or demise. The revolution should not be a revolution of political parties. As long as the Democrats or Republicans in the old way had the power, it was a volley but they were all happy to just volley and run in place while they were all making money. No one upset the applecart too much.

But President Trump was elected to the Presidency, and he's not one of them. He can bring about peace, because it only takes somebody who says, "I'm not going to do it the old way." President Trump is shaking thing up and un-hypnotizing everybody. That is one of the reasons that there's so much agitation about the changes that are happening. There's a lot of agitation, because he's not doing anything anybody expects. And he's talking directly to the people. President Trump is talking to the people who have lost power, to the people who are at the foundation of this country, who came to this country, who built the country, and to the generation, currently here, who are citizens, legitimate law-abiding citizens, with the values of America. If you dilute that, the kind of values that have the potential to bring peace die, as we currently see happening throughout the world.

Those values are free speech, real free speech, not politically controlled speech, not screened news, but unscreened news that some people are responsible to fact check, and that's it. The news should be fact. No commentary. No emotion. That is what journalists are supposed to do. This is part of the individuation process that brings consciousness. The Kabalistic Tree of Life lays out this process very clearly. The individuation process has been documented in psychological developmental studies. The American Constitution assures freedom of speech, and freedom to take care of your self in ways congruent with your individual happiness and self-determination. The Constitution states all the values that are American values.

The separation of the powers is a very smart thing to have done to prevent any branch of the government from having undue influence over the other branches. The separation of powers has gotten distorted, because political parties became fractionated, and are not open-minded. Past Presidents became more and more polarized, rather than being mediators between the different views of the public, mediating with what the public wants, not with what the politicians think the people want. Whenever you have somebody speaking for somebody else, it's not accurate.

The way the Constitution described the separation of church and state honors that religious freedom, and the freedom to worship. It should not be politicized in any way, and should not be influenced and regulated by a force outside of spirit. The spiritual world and the mental world are separate dimensions of consciousness. The spiritual world resides in the Sacral Center, connecting up with the Ajna center (cf. The Axes of Awareness). It is in an ideal, a protected sanctuary within the being them selves. This inner sacred space should not being invaded by politics.

If the Church and the participants in the church aspire in a free way to have union with their true soul, the state should not, in any way, try to regulate it, because then it's regulating an individual's right to be. The Constitution, and the laws honoring it, exists to regulate how people behave in society in a structure that allows them the freedom to explore the Self, and to become whole. When you have interference that infringes on a person's right to choose the way they live, you take away their rights. There has to be some responsibility for people who abuse the system, and there have to be some regulations. But regulations have intruded on the free will of people, and therefore it interferes with religion. Such regulation is an abuse of power and comes from politicians claiming illegitimate power not leadership.

If you take away the mental world competence from people who have no spiritual faith, they have nothing. If you take away spiritual faith from those with mental competence their life’s meaning loses its value. Individuals have to rise to their own level in all dimensions in a balanced way. External forces that unbalance them disorient more than just the individual; it disorients their psychological and supportive systems socially. It breaks down a cultural process.

The government has to stay out of the way of people and allow them to determine their personal development path on multiple levels so evolution can happen the a way it's supposed to happen. Trusting the human process and the Higher Self of each individual is the responsibility of government. Its job is to provide a safe and secure space in which each individual’s rights to evolve are protected. This process is part of the socialization of humans and assures the sustainability of the culture and of society in conscious and evolving way.